Jobs in uganda.org is a leading premium job search engine that has an aim to offer unlimited opportunities to jobseekers and opening bridge connecting employers and the job-seeking Candidates specifically for Ugandans.
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Jobs in uganda.org aim is to connect the Uganda’s innovative Startup companies to the top talent out there, in pursuit of their dream job to the right Startup, A platform, with hassle-free and single step process to match the requirements of both job giver and job seeker. Kindly Join us and match your skills. The possibilities are endless.
Our goal is to make job offering and searching an easy, fast and efficient procedure for both startups and job seekers. We would like to assist in matching right candidate with right startup in Uganda.
“Jobsinuganda.org” offers a highly focused and quality job portal for startups related vacancies. Whether you are looking for a Chief Data Scientist or a Junior Business Intelligence Analyst, We can help you find the right person. Stop digging through an inbox full of resumes. Connect with top talent and right candidate in one click. We’ve also created company pages to take you behind the scenes of startups functioning and help you make better choices. We help you to find exactly those employees that you always wanted. With the right skills and ratings, at the right time and in the right place.
Jobsinuganda.org also has an area for job seekers to upload their CV to our candidate database, which is automatic, feed to relevant skills matched jobs of startups. It’s a great way to explore the endless opportunities, which are out there for you. Sign up with us for FREE to the package of your choice today to spend that time doing something you feel passionate about, in an environment where you can fulfill your ambition. We always recommend the jobs, which suits you best.
Our mission is to help Uganda become an equal opportunity hub by 2020.  Working together with all interested parties we can make Uganda the best place in the world to establish a high growth in Job opportunities. This in turn will help lead to Uganda discovering the talent it has hence more investments 



Our main objective of this project (jobsinuganda.org) is to provide the information about new jobs. Users can search jobs according to their location or their skills. We provide the resume tips and interview tips, which is useful to provide the guideline to the user.


Gone old days, it was hard seating officer to find each other. Even if when they did, distance and limited technology didn’t make it easy for them to communicate.

Job seekers and employers needed a solution, a place where they can find one another and connect direct. to solve this problem, we took inspiration from something that made lives easy.

Years ago, shoppers had a hard time to find store with the right stuff at the right price. Then someone came up with great Idea- gather different stores with lots of products under one roof- As a result shopping mall where brought up. And now everyone finds products they need in one place.

Now let’s apply this concept to Job seekers and employers. Just like a shopping mall, Jobs in Uganda.org offers a place where Job searching candidate and employers can find each other and employers can find each other and connect directly. In fact Jobs In Uganda.org is one of the most organized Job site In Uganda, using the latest technology.

Jobs in Uganda.org is not a recruitment agency. Think of employees, Companies and stores, they come to browse, like what they can see and they can use their CVs as currency to Apply directly for free using free account. Once employers receive applicant CV, they can contact them directly through our latest’s chatting platform, built in technology, which is encrypted, or any other communication means that suits their needs.

Sometimes, the right Jobs seeking candidate may not visit their employer’s stores. To help on that, employers can search through everyone who ever visited Jobs in Uganda.org who left their Cv in our secured Database. If the Cv meets the employer with what is looking for, the employer can quickly view the contact details, which are verified with our latest systems, and get in touch with Job seeking candidate right a way. If all goes well, we have another successful tally match to Jobs in Uganda.org

Welcome to Jobs in Uganda.org, Uganda’s No.1 high tech employment market place.

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